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The Book is available! Launching Today!

The book is out and proud!

Finally all these days of editing, planning, early promotion, anticipation, waiting, wondering, guessing, and exhaustion are ending!

The Official Launch Party & Gallery Show for the book is tonight in Minneapolis at the Soap Factory. I invited over 300 people on the side of the parade as we walked in the Twin Cities Pride parade this weekend with OutFront.

In the 12 years of writing this memoir the structure has changed a lot. And also the focus.

Gay marriage is now just "marriage" and we couldn't be happier for the rest of the U.S.'s gay residents.

The only way people opposed will see with new eyes is to be your wonderful self, be out and be proud. Once they see you, hear your stories, then they might start seeing the world differently and make it a better place.

Spread the word and spread your stories and spread the love.

Buy the book today on the link on my page or If you buy before June 30th email your receipt to for a free original song!

Peace, Pride, and Public celebration!

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